The Saddest Night Out in the USA

This Valentine’s Day may find you among the impossibly happy or the unfortunate lonely. For everyone else who’s there with me in that latter category – and everybody gets there at some point – I offer my 2005 Valentine’s Day MP3 Mix.

“Beat Connection”
by LCD Soundsystem from DFA Compilation #2 #2

Most of us want to reach out and be close to someone but have a hard time getting over ourselves enough to do that. So stop hesitating already.

“The Naked Face”
by 411 from This Isn’t Me

From asking someone out to separating yourself from someone you still care about, this song is a plea for emotional honesty.

“Don’t Go Down”
by Elliot Smith from From a Basement On a Hill

From pleading with a lover not to give into the frailties and failures of their upbringing to succumbing to those own intrinsic injuries of our own, it’s all hell all around.

by MF Doom featuring Angelika & 4ize from MM..Food

Once lovers leave, you can only confront that pain for so long before you’re looking for “anything just to forget the hurt.”

“In My Life”
by The Brian Jonestown Massacre from Tepid Peppermint Wonderland: A Retrospective

Eventually anger sets in and its vengeful rage can be of some comfort.

“The Sun Doesn’t Want To Shine”
by Saturday Looks Good to Me from All Your Summer Songs

When that anger subsides, we realize all we really want is for our lovers to come home; surely there’s something more we can say or do to convince them.

“Sometimes I Cry”
by Guided by Voices from Forever Since Breakfast

Sometimes the lover that left returns, but more often then not they stay away and all we’re left with is the pain of their absence.

by Fog from Fog

A lover lost forces introspection, but may be that’s what it takes to realize we need to make a change.

“Inside the Golden Days of Missing You”
by The Silver Jews from The Natural Bridge

Of course, it’s easier to pine away for what was rather than confront what’s wrong inside of us.

“Bonus Track”
by Black Lipstick from Converted Thieves

You have to move on some day and once you do it’s often a good friend who reminds you “the points still count on the rebound.”

“Just Look At Me”
by Jonathan Richman from Surrender to Jonathan

Lovers may leave and as much as that may hurt eventually we get to the point where we can just be grateful for what love we had while we had it.

“True Love Will Find You in the End”
by Daniel Johnston from The Late Great Daniel Johnston

All we ever have is hope; see also track one of this mix.

Happy Vanlentine’s Day, everybody!

Hold steady.