Picture Me Big Time

Still waters run deep, folks. This ain't over. Not even close.
In the month that's past, major strides have been made towards getting my work established in a much more respectable setting. The results of all this should start showing up very soon.
Along with that, there's also been somewhat of a summer fling. Rather than comment any further, I'll let Neil Michael Hagerty and his Royal Trux fill in the details:

Royal Trux "Sunshine and Grease" from Pound for Pound

If you're not yet up on your Hagerty, you owe it to yourself to get there. And get there fast, because the dude's already released two of the greatest summer party records ever.
He had a new record out this spring too, and it's as well worth hearing as his prior work.
Exactly what that valuation is depends on your preference as a listener. Looking for some finely honed hooks and harmonies expertly crafted into a deceptively intricate patchwork of pop hallmarks? Well then, seek that out elsewhere. But if what excites you is an artist in the act of exploring their own aesthetic boundaries, than this is for you. Hagerty is nothing if not restless and though his songs may share some strengths, you can never quite tell where his impulse will run off to next.
I get the sense he's not too sure either, and that's what keeps me coming back. Because eventually (not to say that he hasn't already), I think this guy's about to stumble upon something genius.
And that something might just happen very soon. Drag City's June newsletter claimed that his most recent project, The Howling Hex, has evolved into "a double-digit entity, with a full complement of musicians, actors and artists coming and going under the conductor’s wand of Neil Michael Hagerty."
And, hey! There's even a Hex blog!
So, to sum up: less Josh; more Neil Michael Hagerty.
Erratic updates to return spasmodically.