Loud laughs from my cubicle

These are a couple of the funniest things I've read this week:

David Nedelle of Pitchfork's news staff gets in the following in his post on Vegoose:

Tickets for these shows will be limited and details and lineup info will be announced soon. But since it's going to be Halloween, we really, really hope Gwar is playing.

And as the saying goes, "what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas", so needless to say, eternal gratitude goes out to anyone going to Vegoose who can "happen" Dave Matthews enough to "stay" him there permanently. Ah, dare to dream.

Meanwhile, at PopMatters, Zeth Lundy gets in this dig at The Cat Empire:

This Melbourne sextet, which inexplicably got actual Cuban musicians and producer Jerry Boys to work on its new CD Two Shoes, describes itself as a "jazz-soul-hip-hop-Cuban-reggae-gypsy amalgamation". I think "piss in a Mountain Dew bottle" will do just fine.