Forecasting Cool

Largehearted Boy recently linked to this article from The Guardian featuring a number of prominent UK taste-makers forecasting what's about to break big. With alarming uniformity, almost every one of them says the next big thing is sure to be the unfortunately named Arctic Monkeys.

Pitchfork is already speaking highly of them as is Drowned in Sound. Their debut has yet to be released but for now you can check out a couple tracks on iTunes. I've already dropped the dollar ninety-eight to take a listen and I am intrigued. Even more intriguing is that their Los Angeles debut at Spaceland has already sold out. Please note though that if you're fortunate enough to live in New York, you can still get tickets to their show at The Mercury Lounge. All signs seem to point to these guys getting increasing exposure so if you want to get in on the ground floor and stake out your claim to hipster haughtiness, the time to act is now.

The band that Arctic Monkeys most remind me of is Art Brut who happen to be playing Spaceland one night prior. Pitchfork was rather fond of their debut Bang Bang Rock & Roll honoring it with the accolade of Best New Music. The album isn't out yet here in the states, but you can get it cheap on iTunes right now. It's a mess of fun that's as acerbic as it is enjoyable. Fans of The Fall will find much to fawn over as should any rock fan with some sense of history. Tickets are still available for their Los Angeles debut at Spaceland on TicketWeb.